Hi, there -

My name's Kris. I’m a seasoned copywriter, creative director, and copy team manager with over 13 years experience in marketing. I’ve worked with tiny boutique startups and some of the biggest retailers from video games to cosmetics.

Over the years, both as a writer and a stakeholder, I noticed the same problem kept coming up again and again: lack of clear process and communication with writers leading to frustration, endless revisions, and lots of wasted time and money.

Being the process fanatic that I am, I started this company to leverage the proven skills I’ve learned along the way to minimize frustration and wasted time while allowing writers to do what they do best—create impactful, data-driven copy that sells!

My greatest strength is being able to translate your process goals into clear, actionable, and well-documented steps while maintaining flexibility.

Let’s get in touch to see what I can do for your marketing team.

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